“I feel like I… would have grown up to be somebody who was always up for a hike.”

You know, another activity that I thought would be lifelong, and has not been lifelong, is being outside a lot. And I’m not gonna say I no longer have an interest in it, but I do it so much less than I did as a kid, and that’s surprising to me because of the time that I did spend outside growing up. You know, I was in a generation where, you know, there were only so many TV channels, no computers. We had a really big yard. We lived close to the park. There were a lot of kids in my neighborhood. I just spent tons of time outside. And, you know, we would play games or I’d just poke around. I’d be interested in our garden, I liked to collect insects. We had a really cool fish pond I liked to mess around with, I would make mud pies. I mean, I just, I could find so much stuff to do outside. And so when I would go camping with my family, it’d be the same thing, it’d be spending time outside. So when I look back on my childhood, I feel like I’m the kind of person that would’ve grown up to be somebody who was, like, always up for a hike, you know, always wanting to get outside and get some fresh air, and I’m not. And I’m kind of wondering why that is. I mean… I’m lazy? That might be a big part of it. And I think as I grew up, I got a little bit more grumpy about some of the uncomfortable parts of going outside, like, I don’t like to be super cold in the winter. I don’t like to sweat a lot in summer. So I guess I like my climate control. I do sometimes push myself to go outside and, you know, find something to do, force the family to go to a park and take a walk. And I always get so much out of it. And I’m like, “Why don’t I do more of this?” And yet, you know, I don’t really see those habits changing.

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