“Okay, so back in the day… you had the Yellow Pages.”

And then, okay. So something I’ve been thinking about and instead of thinking about it in my head anymore, I was like, “You know what? I’m gonna record my MI Diary and pose this question to the people that are listening to these.” Okay, so back in the day, right? Like just circa, you know, two thousand and five, you know, maybe, I guess? Before the advent of, like, the widespread use of cell phones, you had the Yellow Pages, which also included White Pages that were for residential, like, numbers, right? And it also had people’s addresses. It was just like their last name, first name, address, and then dot dot dot dot dot, phone number, right? And I guess I wish I knew better how people, like – Did people only look up the people that they’ve already known and felt comfortable contacting? Or, like, how did this work in, like, a dating world, I guess? You know, like what was the boundaries? What were, like, the standards for that? Like, let’s say you knew a girl in your class, and she never gave you her phone number – Maybe in class is different ’cause you see them every day or something? But then, like – or like, yeah, at church, right? Like maybe you saw somebody at church and you didn’t get up the gusto to, like, ask their phone number, but then you looked it up in the phone book. Like is that a thing? Is that like creepy and weird, you know? I don’t know ’cause I feel like it is, you know? I feel like that is weird, and I feel like also the modern version – so this is where I’m stuck. I feel like the modern version of that, like, if I want to find someone’s phone number, like, I can do that.

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