“It’s totally like a power jacket, I really love it.”

I do have one specific piece of clothing – well, I have a few pieces, but the one that I’m thinking of is kind of like top-tier for me. A piece of clothing that feels really freaking good to wear. It makes me feel really vibrant and in tune with myself I suppose. I feel like it really kinda expresses who I am. It’s a – I went to Thailand back in October and we went to a local’s mall and found a ton of different clothing stores. And a lot of them, like, actually making their own clothing, which was really neat. You could go in and see all the different fabrics, and pick out what you wanted. But there was this one designer in particular who had these silk jackets. It’s gonna be kind of hard for me to describe, but it’s kinda like a crop, a crop jacket with like 3/4 sleeves I think. And it’s reversible. And the material is kinda like a – kinda like a two tone metallic material if that makes sense, so depending on how you look at it and like the type of light that hits it, it reflects differently. But yeah, it looks like it came – like the design came, like, straight out of the ’80s. It’s totally like a power jacket. I really love it.

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