“He probably did scale back, which is the sad part.”

“What is the farthest you’ve ever had to walk?” I don’t really remember the mileage in general, but I visited my cousin in Australia in 2019. And my cousin is extremely athletic. I mean he’s like – I mean professional athlete level athletic. He does ice climbing and marathon running and just any sort of, any sort of athletic sport or contest or activity, I guess that you could think of. He, you know, would do it and he’d excel at it. He’s just very, very athletic. And I’m in pretty good shape. I mean, I could definitely be in better shape, but I’m no athlete and I’m not really great at anything. So I – and he kind of knows this, right? So my sister and I went, and she’s probably slightly more athletic in general than I am and just in better shape probably than I am as well, but nowhere near his level. So he knows that we like to hike though, and we like to walk, like to hike. So he told us he would take us into the Blue Mountains which are just outside of Sydney and I thought “Okay, you know, that’s fine. He’s gotta understand that we – our level of ability here,” and he probably did scale back which is the sad part. But oh my goodness. We probably walked, hiked, for like three days and it was, I mean, just miles and miles and miles. You know, 10 plus miles a day. Going uphill though. That’s the thing. Like it wasn’t just a ten mile, a ten mile walk. It was a ten – you know, ten mile hikes up mountains. And I wish that I would have had some sort of a tracker, or like somebody was telling me that if you have one of those fitness trackers, which I don’t have, it can tell you how many, like, flights of stairs you’ve gone up and, you know, different things besides just “This is how many miles you’ve walked,” or “How many steps you have,” or you know, whatever. I really wish that I, you know, had something like that and I don’t think my sister does and I don’t know that he does either, so I don’t think there’s any record of this and to him it was probably nothing, like this was probably just like a regular, you know, regular day for him, but I remember thinking “Oh my gosh,” like this, I did – you know, we, both my sister and I, we did fine but wow, it seemed like it was a lot, but it was absolutely gorgeous. And I’m so thrilled that, you know, we had that opportunity to do it. But that’s one time I remember just sort of thinking, “Well, are we ever getting to…” We didn’t even have a car there. “Are we ever getting back to the train, are we ever getting to our hotel, are we ever getting somewhere where I get to sit down, for, you know, for a little while?” But it was really absolutely gorgeous. Really, really fun. So that was kind of cool.

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