“I’m not sure if I’ll ever get recognized for a Michigan accent.”

I haven’t gotten picked out for having a Michigan accent. I’m originally from Wisconsin and I moved to the UP. I was picked out for having a Wisconsin accent once though. I was in, I think like, a Steak and Shake somewhere in Tennessee, and the waitress just was like, “Are you from Wisconsin?” And I was so surprised that she was like dead-on accurate, like it wasn’t, “Are you from – are you from the Midwest?” Or whatever, like it was, “Are you from Wisconsin?” And I’m not sure if I’ll ever get recognized for a Michigan accent. And the reason I say that is like, the Yooper accent is like a more – I don’t know how to describe it. I like to say that the Wisconsin accent is Yooper lite. So I think if somebody noticed my accent they would probably try to guess Wisconsin still or just like the Midwest or something. Like, I’ve had people equate it with Fargo. So yeah, I haven’t been recognized for having a Michigan accent but, you know, Yooper accent is a bit different than downstate.

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