“I’m so proud of myself because I advocated for myself…”

I’m really proud of myself today. I advocated for myself, and without my parents, physically, my mom even there. I had a doctor’s appointment. And I went alone, which was huge because I like never do that. And I’m so proud of myself because I advocated for myself too. I needed a certain blood test, just because like I’ve been feeling tired and stuff, so I wanted like my thyroid and iron levels checked. And it’s huge because I asked for it, like I’m always afraid to do that, like I don’t really ask for what I need. I just kinda like hope the doctor will order it, like, without me asking. So that was so huge for me, that I actually said, “Can you please order X test for Y reason?” Feel like that’s one of my huge steps towards like becoming an adult. Because, like, I have a job, I have my license, I’ve been going to quite a few doctors appointments alone, which is huge, like, I’ve called and made them, too, you know, scary. But yeah, I advocated for myself, which is a big thing because I always don’t want to inconvenience people. So I just like kinda don’t bother them about it. But I knew what I needed for my health. And I asked for it and it was easy. She ended up ordering the test and some other tests, too. I just need to speak up for myself and advocate. Because that’s how you make it in the real world.

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