“Monday isn’t really the worst day. I think Tuesday is probably the worst day.”

So what would make Tuesdays better? If they were Friday. Like, if you had two days of school, Monday and Tuesday, right? Tuesday is like a Friday. That’s what will make Tuesdays better. Like, here’s the thing. Here’s my analogy for all of the days of the week. So Monday you feel blegh like, “Why do I have to go to school?” For like, for kids who have to go to school, you know. “Why do I have to go to school”? And then Tuesday it’s like “Ugh, I have no hope, I’ve already dealt with Monday, but I still have three more days to go,” ’cause Monday you’re still kinda – you just got past the weekend, you might have exciting stuff to share. It might – they might ease you in a little bit. Tuesday’s where a lot of the tests happen and where like a lot of things go wrong. Wednesday is kinda like, eh, right? Because you have like a lot to go, and you’ve already done a lot. So you’re kinda worn out, but you still have a lot to go. Thursday you can kinda see the end, but you’re still a little bit worn out, and then Friday you just like forget about being worn out and you’re like, “It’s Friday, let’s go. I have this to do on the weekend,” and then when Monday comes, you can talk about it. So Monday isn’t really the worst day. I think Tuesday is probably the worst day, but what would make it better? If Tuesday was Friday.

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