“It reminds me that I can chill out a little bit.”

“When you’re upset, what is something that brings you comfort? Is there a particular food or TV show that is comforting to you?” 

Like, I – for me, it’s always kind of ice cream. I really, really like ice cream. Which is kind of like – even if it’s winter, I will have ice cream as my comfort food. It’s just kind of what takes away all the stress. It reminds me that I can chill out a little bit. I don’t have to be this stressed out. I’ll get through it. There’s nothing that I haven’t been able to push forward through in the past. So this is going to be fine. It’s gonna be chill. And, like, who cares if I don’t move on to the National Spelling Bee? Like, I’m one step away from that. Who cares? Like, I’ve studied hard up to this point. I have another month of studying to go. Who cares if I don’t make MAGS when I swim? Which is the state competition. Like, I’m not even going, I’m going to Hawai’i. Who cares if I get an A minus on my robotics thing? I still have an A in that class. Who cares if, like, social studies is a little bit stressful? I can study hard. These are all real scenarios that I’m stressing out over right now. And right now, I’m kinda telling myself, “This is what you have to do.” Even without the ice cream. So, I mean, comfort food works, but you can also kinda mentally prepare yourself for things, too. As far as a TV show goes, it used to be Survivor, but now it’s not really, like, a TV show, it’s more so playing on my phone or playing Fortnite or FIFA or Battlefront, just – or there’s another Xbox game we have called Gang Beasts. Like, any one of those things and I’ll be a-okay.

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