“I’m so proud of my sister for doing that kind thing to all those young kids.”

“Lots of places around East Lansing have opened their doors for free to MSU members this week to help. What is something that you’ve done to help someone who is hurting? What’s something that someone else has done for you?”

So I can kind of speak for my sister. 

Excuse me?

So, she goes to the ski hill a lot –

Oh no.

and when she sees little kids who fell, who’re hurt, she’ll go down and help them up. And that’s just the kindness that she brings.

How do you know about that? Do you stalk me at the ski hill?

And actually this is just like –  and I’m so proud of my sister for doing that kind thing to all those young kids. She’s like giving it back, her, like, stupidness to the world, and it’s really really sweet that she earned back some of her smartness.

Hey, I wish I could say that the same thing to you about helping and stuff, but I really can’t so…

Toys for Tots.

Oh, yeah. Toys for Tots. She totally didn’t have to tell me about that for me to remember.

Okay. So every year I raise money by selling golf balls and Petoskey stones. You can contact my mom if you want any, and then we take all the money and buy toys for Toys for Tots and give it back. Like this yearm I raised 19 toys and I’m already starting to raise money for next year.

Which is ridiculous.

So if you want to donate, just contact my mom.

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