“I… can’t imagine the fear of being in a situation like that.”

Yeah. I just, yeah, I can’t – I didn’t – first off, can’t imagine the fear of being in a situation like that, but then the fear of another person potentially being the cause of a life or death situation, like while you are trying to protect yourself. It did appear that they were able to get him to refrain from opening the door. But yeah, and it’s interesting to me to think about like, okay. I honestly can’t remember if I received any sort of shooter training while I was in school. We definitely got like sexual assault training and things like that. I’m not sure if we had gotten anything about shooter training at that point. But I have had it at my current workplace. It just got me thinking about, how effective something like that is, especially when you’re like actually put into the moment and your adrenaline is pumping, and it did make me curious if these students had received any sort of information about how to respond to an active shooter, and how that particular situation of the student going to the dorm might’ve been different if they did, but again if they did and, you know, when your adrenaline is pumping, that just kind of all goes out the window because we’re seeing – I mean, we’re taught to see the police as on our side and as, you know, not just for our own safety, but in that moment that easily could’ve been a shooter who was pretending to be the police who had a flashlight and was using it to manipulate the people inside to open the door, so that yeah, he could finish his business. It’s really unfortunate these people feel like they have to do this to be able to make a name for themselves whenever they’re gone. There’s so many more other alternative routes that you could go that don’t harm other people, or yourself whenever you’re… when you’re feeling like that and yeah. Definitely a really unfortunate situation. I feel for my friends and family who live down state in that community, in the Lansing community. I do have a friend that works there who I know is heavily impacted by the event, as they should be, and their partner as well.

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