Sabrina Ruiz

And I looked over at my friend and I was like “Is my car squeaking or is something in the car?”

I don’t think I’m an enemy of bugs. Um, and I don’t think that they specifically don’t like me. Ive just had some bad run-ins, you know? Um, I don’t hate them. I’ve just had bad run-ins with them. This sounds bad. This sounds like I’m making excuses or something. I don’t know why I’m explaining it so much.

But recently me and my friend, we went to a bonfire at my other friend’s house. And at the time we were staying with her mother. And her mother was like, “I have a couple of chairs in the back if you wanna bring those to the bonfire,” like lawn chairs. And so we were like, “Okay, bet. Thanks.” Took em, put em in my Jeep, and we went right into the bonfire. And now, my Jeep — I like — when I have the windows down, sometimes I can hear like a little squeak. Like when you hit a bump, it’s like, “Squeak,” like the suspension. But this time when I was driving, I noticed, like, it was very loud. It was really loud and it was consistent and it wasn’t just when I was hitting bumps. And I looked over at my friend and I was like “Is my car squeaking or is something in the car?” And she was like, “No, no your car is just squeaking.” And I was like, “No, girl. No, girl, tha- that’s crickets. There are crickets in the, there are crickets in the lawn chair.” I was like, “I can’t do this. I cannot do this girl.” I pulled over so fast into the quickest — into the closest, um, what was it? Like a car wash, like a touchless car wash with a big old parking lot.

I whipped in and, and ran out of the car and like tore the chairs out. Because, also at the time, I had a bunch of stuff in my vehicle, so if a cricket had hopped out in there, I was just gonna have to burn the whole thing. So I ripped them out. I still heard the, the menacing sound of the crickets. And I, I, I held the bottom of the bag. I like opened the, the cord and like ripped it out. And, uh, two, two crickets came jumping out, and I was like, “Oh my God, there’s two of them. It’s not just one.” I was screaming. I ran around. [Friend] had to — she had to deal with them. I could not. I was screaming and not even like embarrassed about it. There were other people around, but I was just so gripped with fear that I could not care. And then after that, I apologized to her a lot for my behavior. She said, “I understand. You’ve had a bad — you’ve had a lot of bad run-ins with bugs, especially crickets.” I said “Thank you. Thank you.” And we went to the bonfire, had some s’mores. It was a good night. All was well. But yeah. Don’t — crickets, cockroaches, grasshoppers: do not talk to me. I mean like, don’t get too close to me. Cause I can’t handle myself. I’ve just had too many bad run-ins. I’m sorry, it’s not you guys, it’s me. It’s a me problem.