“Whenever I think of jewelry, though, I think of my grandma.”

So whenever I think of jewelry, though, I think of my grandma, my dad’s mom. We call her Nani. She always has jewelry and she loves to buy jewelry. She loves to buy sets of jewelry. So she won’t just have the necklace, but she’ll also have the earrings and the ring and the bracelet. She’ll have everything. So she has been wanting us to go through her jewelry with her and sort of take what we want. And she’s 90, and I think she’s realizing that she, you know, is not wearing as much jewelry, maybe, as she used to and she’s just thinking maybe we can be enjoying this while it’s just sitting in her drawers or in her little jewelry boxes or whatever she has. So she invited my mom, my sister and I, my two aunts, so my dad’s two sisters, and my cousin, so one of my aunt’s daughters, over to go through some of her jewelry. And my mom and my sister and I were terrified of this experience because my aunts can be not very nice sometimes when it comes to things that might be worth something. We had this experience when their father passed away and there were some things that – it was not a nice exchange. Can I just say that? They both really, sort of, it was – actually, it was one of my aunts and another aunt who actually passed away, has passed away since then, who basically got into this very heated discussion, argument about some of the inheritance and it was just horrendous. So we’re all just – not only are we, you know, will we be sad and really, you know, just very emotional when Nani passes, you know, my grandma, but we’re just dreading having to deal with my dad’s sisters and ugh. So, my mom’s sister and I said to Nani when she asked us, she wanted us all there, and we said “Nani, you know what? You know, if there’s something that you want us to have in particular, great. If not, you know, let the others go ahead and take what they want and, you know, we’ll look at the rest of it,” but she would not have that. She would not hear of that. So she asked us, you know, really sincerely if we would all come together and do this, you know, all together. So we agreed. And it actually was better than we expected. But part of the reason for that and this is gonna sound absolutely terrible, but part of the reason for that was because she was only giving us an opportunity to take her, like, the costume jewelry that she has. So, she has tons and tons of jewelry. I mean, drawers full. Like I said, little jewelry boxes full. It’s all over her bathroom counters. I mean, it feels like it’s everywhere in her place. But, she went through the stuff that she wanted us to look at and she put it all out on her bed, so that we could – she said she spent hours doing it and I thought, “Oh my gosh.” Like, here’s this 90 year old lady. She’s not real mobile. I can’t imagine her, you know, going through all this stuff, but it was so funny. You know, you walked in there. Walked into her bedroom. So it’s you know, all spread out all over her bed, the stuff she wanted us to look at this time. And you look at her, like, dresser. Covered in jewelry still. I opened up a couple drawers because she was looking for little boxes or something for us to put it in, those drawers are full of jewelry still! So I feel like this was probably just round one.

But all of this stuff was, like I said, it was more costume jewelry type stuff. It wasn’t anything that was very expensive. It wasn’t anything, you know, no real gems or, you know, real gold, even. Probably. Maybe there was some sterling silver, but even that, you know, I don’t know. So it was just – it was really interesting because my one aunt, the one aunt that got into the real argument and I think will be an absolute beast, once Nani passes, she went in there and, you know, she looked around and she said, “There’s only one thing of this that I want.” I mean she was just like, “I don’t – basically this is all crap. I don’t want, you know, I don’t want any of this.” So we said, “Go ahead, take it.” So she took, I can’t even remember what it was that she took, but she took one thing and then we all sort of went in there and were kind of taking turns like taking things and I ended up with a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t think that I will really wear. So what I’m gonna try and do is, a lot of the stuff, it doesn’t remind me of Nani at all. I don’t remember her wearing it. You know, I don’t look at it and go, “Oh, yeah, that’s you know, that’s Nani.” So, what I’m gonna try and do is there are a couple of things that make me think of her, and I think those things I probably will keep, but the rest of it, I’ll probably end up giving away. And I actually ended up, you know, my mom and sister both took things and I ended up with stuff that they took because they didn’t really want it but they felt bad that they, you know, weren’t taking enough stuff. So. But it ended up being a pretty good, a much better experience than we thought that it was going to be. And the most important thing was Nani was thrilled. She just thought it was the best thing in the world that we were all there together and that, you know, everybody – some of the sets that she had, so, you know, I took the earrings and, you know, maybe my cousin took the necklace, and she was happy about that, and that we were kind of, you know, sharing things, and it did go well.

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