“… The range of things that people did for a first job were really different.”

I do have a go-to ice breaker that a friend had told me about, and I used it – I guess the first time I used it, it was, we were running like an academy. It was called like Budget Academy where we were helping people at the university, like, learn more about how to do budget work. We wanted to do a icebreaker and the icebreaker my friend suggested is have people, tell them – say what their first job was, and something that they learned from it. And this ended up being this such a good icebreaker. I mean, some people went back and, you know, just talked about like, you know, babysitting or whatever. Some people had really interesting first jobs. One person that I later got to know really well, but she revealed that she, as a kid, like, her grandfather had a junkyard, and he would like pay the kids, you know, a small amount of money if they could get some of the things out of the cars that other people could use, you know, like removing the headlights or things like that that people could use in their car repairs. I don’t know, she was just talking about that job, I thought that was really cool. And the range of things that people did for a first job were really different, and so were the lessons that they learned, so I’ve used that one more than once.

Another one that I’ve used is “What was your first concert?” And we used that a couple of years ago at an office Christmas party. And we didn’t really necessarily need an icebreaker. But, like, my – it was just a great way to get some conversation going, like with people’s spouses, and, I dunno, those answers were really funny. It was like people had – people also had unexpected answers, you know, like somebody’s first concert was an act we might think is a little lame, and my boss’s first concert was, you know, like I think was, Ratt, you know, who did the song Round and Round. Well, you wouldn’t know this if you were young, but I mean, it was just kind of like a stupid hair band and it was just funny to think of that being – her at that concert was just, I dunno, funny to me. So that was a good one.

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