“I think this is gonna be a good trip.”

So I’m recording this just because I’ve got some new plans for spring break that I wanted to share. Looks like I’m taking a road trip to New Orleans this week. My friend who I was rooming with in Italy texted me on Monday night asking if I wanted to join him. And yeah, I said sure. Pretty excited for it, I think this is gonna be a good trip. I mean, things have been really weird around East Lansing lately, and I mean, understandably. So it’ll be good to get away. And to get away somewhere that’s not, like, routine for me too, ’cause kind of my other option was to go home but, you know, driving back and forth between, or flying back and forth between New Hampshire and Michigan isn’t always really the best way for you to get out of it all. It’s just like, you know, I sit at home. I’m here and I spend a lot of nights just sitting in my room reading. Or doing homework. Or watching Netflix. And then I go home. And I spend most of my nights sitting around, reading, doing homework, watching Netflix. Maybe go for a nice walk in the woods every once in a while, but that’s really the only difference. And I mean, I guess I have some friends going – but I don’t know if any of them are going home for spring, so, I don’t know. And I’m just glad to be kinda getting out of, you know, getting out of town a little bit and maybe getting somewhere that I’m not familiar with. That I’m, you know, getting out of my routine a bit which I think should help. Yeah, so we’re, you know, leaving tomorrow night, driving down. He has some family in Louisville, so we’re stopping there and doing a haunted asylum tour, which should be creepy and fun. I’m weirdly excited for that and it should be a fun time, even if it’s a little hokey.

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