“I felt like I really missed out…”

When I got over to the sleepover I was going to, I – my two friends that were at the sleepover said like “Hi” and that “You were late” – that I was, like, late and stuff. But my mom already told them I was gonna be late, or it was my dad, I don’t know. But one of my parents told them, or maybe both, told them that I was gonna be late. But then, they said they’d been there since like three o’clock and then when I got there it was like five o’clock. So I felt like I really missed out. And sometimes, like, if I have a dentist appointment or an orthodontist appointment or something like that, and then I come back to school, everything is just kinda weird. ‘Cause sometimes when I come in, they’re just doing something and I’m like “What is this?” But then the funny thing is, like, whenever I come back from something like that, some reason, like, every time the class is making cards. So it’s kind of a weird pattern, sort of.

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