“… I never learned how to write in cursive.”

Like today, in class, we were told that the assignment that we needed to complete, we could only do it in cursive. And I never learned how to write in cursive, like, I just don’t know how to. So like, this was already gonna be challenging for me ’cause I had no idea how to do it, and it’s not like she was gonna teach us either. So like, I’m doing it, and I literally can’t. Like, you can’t read it. I had several people try to read it, but like, they literally couldn’t. Like, it was bad. So I literally started crying in class, like having a mini meltdown. Because I straight up could not write in cursive. Just like, one of those things that should just be normal. Like, okay, you can’t write in cursive. Okay, so you don’t need to cry.

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