“I’m really tired of this winter taking out our power.”

Our furnace went out, and my husband – after having sat through the ice storm and having no power for eight days during that, the power came on and then it was out again two days later. We were out for three days. And then just the other day, poof, there’s no heat. The electricity’s on. We had 30% power in our tank, or fuel in our tank. There should be no reason for it to go out other than the furnace broke. It acted like it was turning over and doing – making the noises it was supposed to make, but it just wasn’t producing any heat. So I called the landlord and he come right over with the heater to heat the house up. It didn’t work. It stayed pretty chilly in here for a couple of nights, but he put the item on order, the part that we needed. And it took a couple days for it to get going, but it finally – finally, he fixed it. And he ordered a new thermostat, that’s the last thing, but it’s working without this thermostat. So that’s a good thing. But I’m really tired of this winter taking out our power. I packed up the puppy and my husband, I went to his mother’s house when we were eight days without power. God love her, she took us in.

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