“I regularly dream about band…”

Something I’ve noticed now as a 26 year old. It’s been a while since I’ve been out of high school and I regularly dream about band, and it’s so stressful for me. It was generally a stressful experience, for a lot of reasons, but yeah, I often in – I dream that I’m like in the middle of a performance and having to remember all my spots on the field, which is really terrifying ‘cause, yeah, I mean it’s all directional, it’s all like taking up space, and if you run into somebody, you mess up the picture, you trip, you fall, whatever have you.

There was one time in our Starlight show, where we’d like lay down and pretend we were like looking at the stars, and I was so exhausted that day during this competition performance that when we laid down, I got up like probably, and realistically, it doesn’t sound like it’s much, but like I got up like a beat or two behind and ended up having to like a hurry and stand up and make up that difference in the time, so that the judges and the audience wouldn’t notice it and I felt so embarrassed. It’s a good memory to look back on though.

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