“The one building of note that I recall being able to visit that felt like extra special was Burton Tower.”

The one building of note that I recall being able to visit that felt, like, extra special was Burton Tower. The sort of – if you see any kind of, like, skyline picture of Ann Arbor or painting, you can almost always see Burton Tower in there somewhere. And at the top of Burton Tower, they have a carillon and just before Covid, probably around 2018 actually, they opened it up to the public for one day in the middle of the winter, leading up to Christmas. I think it was like a weekday at like 1. Not really the most accessible time, which was maybe by design to limit the number of people who gave it a shot. But yeah, I was able to work my way over there, climb the steps, and then I actually got a chance to play the carillon at the top. I made a crucial mistake of not planning anything with any true sense of – I should have, like, practiced, you know, playing a Christmas carol of some kind, that could have just rung out to the city. But honestly, it was almost enough to just, like, act like a toddler and, you know, press just buttons at random, and knowing that you are basically subjecting the entire city of Ann Arbor to whatever sound you choose to strike with the bells. So yeah, that was pretty rad. I really enjoyed that.

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