“Hot d***, my mother turned my into a photographer.”

Note: There is language that is excluded in the transcript but not excluded in the audio.

I went to my mother about getting photos taken of my grandchildren. It was gonna cost $250 and I asked my mother if she’d go halfsies with me. And she said, “No. No, I will not, because you can take pictures just as well as anybody else.” And I said, “Well, I guess I’ll try it.” And I had a little red tricycle and some suitcases and a few little odds and ends that I could use for photo props. And I took my kids next door to a field and I put the bicycle – little trike down there. And they had… all had – the girls had matching dresses, and [NAME] he had matching clothes to the girls. And I took photos of them sitting on the bike, sitting on the suitcases, sitting on the ground. And they turned out spectacular.

And I was like, “Well d***, I can be a photographer.” And since then, I’ve made a couple of those pictures into canvases. They’re my absolutely favorite pictures of my grandchildren. And there’s one picture of my mother… I called her up and made her – since it was her idea to do the photos, I made her dress appropriately for the photos and come over and be in them. And I got one picture of my baby granddaughter and my mother that I adore and I blew it up into a canvas. But hot d***, my mother turned me into a photographer. Since then I’ve done weddings, I’ve done senior photos, I’ve done baptismals, I’ve done baby shots, I’ve done pregnant shots. People like my photography and it just blows my mind. So yeah, I have photos that are priceless to me.

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