“But here in Michigan, each season brings… a unique landscape.”

Ever since we moved up to Michigan, we’ve seen things that it feels, like, “Is this a movie?” Some things that are so beautiful, sunsets that are so beautiful. You know, people don’t realize this. How hot it is in Florida. But when you’re doing stuff in Florida, it’s so hot, it’s so humid. It feels like you’re wearing a mask, and it just draws you, pushes you, it’s like gravity is worse down there. Pushes you down and it’s hard to see beautiful things. Even though there’s many beautiful things in Florida, it’s hard to appreciate it. There’s really, very few times of the year where you can get out there and it not feel like that, and for you to appreciate it. But here in Michigan, each season brings their – this unique, like, a unique landscape, basically. All the time, am I just like in awe. When we went hiking this weekend, we were hiking around a lake, and there were geese kind of quarreling and two flew off and it just, in front of the – because we went there kind of early, so we were still at sunrise and it was just beautiful like this scenic moment of them flying off into the horizon. It just felt like a movie.

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