“I didn’t get one for a long time because… Jews had numbers tattooed on them in the Holocaust.”

“Do you have any tattoos? Is there a special meaning behind any of the tattoos you have? If you don’t have a tattoo, would you ever consider getting one?”

I do not have tattoos, Michigan Diaries. I didn’t get one for a long time ’cause I learned that, like, as a Jew, it was just weird with, like, the Holocaust and everything because, like, Jews had numbers tattooed on them in the Holocaust. And I think there might have been some, like, more conservative or Orthodox practice where you can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery if you have a tattoo. So, it didn’t really cross my mind until I was, like, 25. Like, I had a piercings – I had piercings. I had my ears pierced from when I was a teenager until kind of recently. And I had my eyebrow pierced in college. But yeah, I’ve been thinking about the tattoo, not like seriously, but might get, like, a math thing or a music thing or a nature thing or a science thing. Or an Earth thing. I don’t know if I’d want to do space, I think I’d focus on Earth. Tree… That might be cool, like a tree. I always think about my bicep or like, shoulder, outer shoulder as the spot that I would get it. But yeah, no tattoos for me.

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