“The momentum from my body was pulling me down off the cliff.”

I am the least graceful person and I fully admit it.I have so many stories of just— just being a klutz.

I remember maybe five or six years ago, I went hiking at Tahquamenon Falls, and I think I had all of the necessary equipment, you know, I had hiking boots and you know, I might have even had one of those hiking sticks or whatever and I will say that it’s Tahquamenon Falls it— when I went hiking it had rained, so it’s kind of slu— like that slushy but kind of slippery and muddy and then there was so many exposed roots and everything.

So it’s just the perfect opportunity for someone like me who is less graceful to fall, but I can remember going for a hike from the upper falls to the lower falls and there’s kind of like a cliff and it leads down into a river and I was hiking, and I tripped and I was literally inches away from falling off the cliff— like the momentum from my body was like kind of pulling me down off the cliff like I was afraid I was gonna fall and like I was like kind of holding on for dear life not to like roll right over the Cliff’s Edge. And I can remember that after that I had gotten such a like a big bruise like a just it was a deep, deep, dark purple and it was like this size of a grapefruit.

Like it didn’t like swell like a grapefruit. I mean it did swell but it didn’t swell like a grapefruit, but it was like so big around it was like as big as a grapefruit. It was on my knee. I remember taking a picture of it and kind of posting it on Facebook as like, yeah, look at how klutzy I am.

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