“I put some pretzels in a cup and said, ‘What are the pretzels doing in my tea?'”

I come from a separated family. I know how that jazz goes and – but some of the people my ex surrounds himself are especially drawn to drama. And keep in mind, me and my ex are still on talking terms. Maybe too much talking as I said before, but we’re managing it and above all we’re – we are cordial. And these girls that I’ve always really felt that they’re just kinda mean. Well, they just had a hoot and a half, when my ex and I called things quits and I broke up with him. That makes me the villain, such is life. But there’s this social media app called BeReal and I’m on there and I see that one of them had posted an image of them looking shocked and saying “‘Looking at the – looking at the, um – looking at this app just to see the tea.” And a bunch of her friends comment like “Girl. I was just about to say that,” blah blah blah. And I’m like “What’s going on? What’s the drama?” And I talked to my ex that night and he said it was actually us they were talking about. I said, “Oh, do enlighten me,” and he said, “Oh, yeah, like, because we were like talking and exchanging on the app and people could see.” It was just like a fun, friendly banter. They just, like, could not get enough of that and they just loved it and wanted to be absolutely horribly mean and just kind of bitter.

So I posted the next day. They call themselves – well, we’ll say they call themselves the, the pretzels. I put some pretzels in a cup and said, “What are the pretzels doing in my tea?” ’cause that was how they worded it, was like ‘going on here to see the tea’. So I said “What are the pretzels doing in my tea?” Silly, silly, all in good fun, with a heart. And they absolutely hated it. They were being wretched and I’ve heard they said some really nasty things in the group chat that I’m no longer in, and I’m just really happy to have those kinda people out of my life. They said like, “How do you subtweet someone in 2023?” They started it. I’m reacting to it. I shut it down in a way that’s silly and that I’d hope they’d just kind of leave me alone about, you know? It’s just kind of rude, and so I guess we’ll just kinda see. I’m just happy that I don’t have those kinda people in my life anymore. It’s just exhausting and kinda hoping that they would help – or be nice is something that I’m happy I don’t have to worry about anymore.

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