“It’s really fulfilling to be able to connect with them and get on their level…”

I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a registered behavior tech and last Tuesday when I came to see a kid who is basically my favorite. I hate to say it, I have a favorite. But when I first started seeing him, he was really hesitant and guarded, I’ve mentioned him before, and he warmed up to me pretty quickly within a few sessions. And the other day I came, and his mom said that whenever I pulled up, he looked out the window and saw the car and then ran to the door and started jumping up and down, which is really cool. Makes me feel really good that he is excited to see me, especially because – just, you know, the specialties and the unique needs that these children have, like, just, it’s really fulfilling to be able to connect with them and get on their level.

Like I said, they’re very unique and it takes a little bit to kinda, like, get on their wavelength. But, for the kids who I have, like, been able to get in that zone with, it’s been really fun and really rewarding to see them learn and grow over time, even within a session. And just to be able to make that space for them and to be able to make a difference in somebody li- – somebody’s life is so cool to me. I came from marketing, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned too, and you know, I wasn’t doing this kinda work. Like, I had a little bit of fulfillment being able to, like, create inclusive storytelling and copy and things like that. But my bosses ultimately didn’t care. They didn’t understand the value of it and I didn’t want to do it anymore for someone who couldn’t register how emotionally invested I was in this process of making them money and, you know, I’m making people money now, but obviously the service is just so much more rewarding than selling a product. Yeah.

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