Lynsey Akin

“My heart was beating outta my throat and I, like, looked behind me.”

Have you ever had a strange or paranormal experience and what happened? And as embarrassed as I am to say, I think that yes, during middle school, I had one of these strange or paranormal experiences.

Um, but in middle school, I, uh, was living — like my bedroom was in the basement and our basement was set up in this u-shape. Um, so the middle of the U was where the stairs would be coming from the main level down to the basement and then on either side of like the long legs of the U was my bedroom and then my brother’s bedroom. So like we shared a wall but you would have to walk all the way around the U for me to get to my brother’s bedroom. And it was a fairly long basement, cause it was a ranch style house and so the basement, um, was really long and kind of narrow. And my mom had set up these mirrors down there to make it seem even, like, longer, I guess, I dunno. But they would be on either side of the entrance to the stairs such that if you like stood in front of the mirror, you could see all the way down the leg and then back into whichever bedroom, either mine or my brothers.

And they were really nice mirror with like good lighting above it. And so that’s usually where I would do my hair in the morning. And so I would be sitting in front of the mirror braiding my hair like Katniss Everdeen, like an — into a side ponytail kinda situation. Um, and then I could see all the way behind me to my bedroom. And then there were two other doorways on my side of the basement that my brother didn’t have. There was a door to a bathroom and right across the door was it — er, yeah, right across from the bathroom, there was a door to under the stairs. And we — when we moved in had never been able to get into that room. And we just couldn’t get it open and it didn’t really seem important to open it, so we never really tried.

Um, but during the mornings when I was braiding my hair, I would sit in front of the mirror and again, you can see all the way behind you. Um, every morning, I would do that — braid my hair. And then there was one morning where, as I was braiding my hair — I was super tired, but I thought for sure that I could see like a little figure walking from the bathroom door into the door under the stairs. And again that door — like we had never been opened.

Um, I — none of my brothers were that height like it seemed like about my size. But my brothers were way taller than me at the time. I mean, they’re still taller than me, um, and I was just like — I was so scared. Like my heart was beating outta my throat and I, like, looked behind me. There was nothing there but I was, I was just so scared. So I didn’t even finish braiding my hair. Just booked it up the stairs, and I was like, “Mom, mom like there’s someone downstairs.” And like we had had a break in to our house before so she was like, “Oh my gosh!” And so we went downstairs. Nothing. Like the window into my room was perfectly fine. There was no evidence of anyone being there and so she was like, “Okay if it would make you feel better, like, we will try to get the door open under the stairs tonight. Um, and like it’ll be okay, but right now we need to get to work and school.” And I was like, “Okay. Yeah, like no problem.”

And then when we got home later that night — when th- — when my mom got home from work, like we were able to get the door open. Like we took it off the hinges. We took like the door knob off. And so eventually we got the door open and wouldn’t you know it, it was literally filled with women’s clothes and they were all covered in this like black curly hair, uh, but the things just like jam-packed with clothes and so I dunno something about that didn’t, like, rub me the right way, you know. I was like kinda like freaked out, like, oh my God, I saw this figure walking into this like closet filled with like old like women’s clothes. And then it turns out that the previous owner of the house had like actually died in the house and she had died in the bedroom that was right above my room. So like that primary bedroom was where she had like died, but she had like a heart attack and passed away inside the house. And so from then on a little piece of me was like, “Oh my gosh. Like, did I, did I really see a ghost? Or was it just a, just coincidence?” And I still don’t know. I still don’t really believe in ghosts, but I kind of do a little bit, as a result of that. So that’s my ghost story and I’m sticking to it.