“They came to our table finally, but I wasn’t there for the one second…”

Yeah, I’ve been to Disney World, so, oh yeah! I remember one time, it was a big deal. But I had gone off to the bathroom or something and all my family – I only wanted a picture with, I think it was like Piglet or Ti- Tigger, I don’t remember which one I really wanted a picture with. And I happen to go to the bathroom or whatever, and then like they came to our table finally, but I wasn’t there for the one second. So I guess this goes into the- the unlucky thing.

But, um, I suppose like, – and then, and then I came back to the table and I was just like, “Are you, are you kidding me? Like that’s the only creature I wanted like, a picture with today.” And I was like for some reason crying about this. I don’t know. I think because my family made such a big deal about it too and like, “Oh.” My dad was like rubbing it in ‘cause my dad’s just a jerk sometimes like, “Oh, hahaha, you didn’t get a picture,” and then it was like ruining the whole meal and everything of just making me feel awful. ‘Cause I feel like overall I didn’t care and then when someone constantly it’s just like, like rubbing it into you’re just like, “Okay. Well now I just feel upset. But that’s the whole dinner conversation is how I miss down on this thing that all of you got to have and I couldn’t have, like, now I’m upset.” And so then when I was crying and stuff they’re like, “Oh, well, we have to get Tigger back here or whatever, to take this photo.” And then when I finally got the photo, I had just been crying this whole time and I was just pissed off. And so, like, I remember in the photo I don’t even look happy.

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