“I heard this scritch, scritch, scritch.”

“Has there ever been a time when something unexpected woke you up very early? What happened?”

I lived in Detroit with my family. And my mother-in-law had moved in, so we gave her her – our upstairs bedroom, along with the kids and we moved into the basement. And one time, this – I heard this scritch, scritch, scritch. And I woke up, kinda like in a jolt ‘cuz, you know, it was a unexpected noise. And I looked up and we had a drop ceiling. And one of the tiles were moving. And I, I kept watching it and out of that hole poked the biggest spider you ever saw. And it was right above my bed, and I screeched and jumped out of bed. Tried to kill the spider before it fell on me. Didn’t get the spider, went to bed the next night wondering what in the heck, you know, this – where the spider was, ‘cuz it was as big as my hand. It was one of those hairy wolf spiders and it scared me pretty bad. I never did get that spider.

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