“You throw a dart and hope it works.”

“Is there a time you risked everything on just one opportunity? How did it turn out?”

So that was kind of like my college, university experience. It’s like that was my way of escaping from like my crazy mom and my, you know, poverty and stuff. And so I was like, you know, I’ve got this one chance, this is – it’s like it’s hard too when you don’t have a lot of eggs. You just have like that one dart you get to throw. And that’s what poverty is like, it’s it’s not like, “Ooh I’m, you know,” cuz they always – whenever I read about like – I hate reading stuff about financial planning ‘cuz it always assumes like “If you have 400,000 dollars, do you get to spend it all in the house or do you spend half of it on a house and half of it investing, and let’s look at that scenario.” And it’s like um… Yeah, that doesn’t apply to a whole lot of people. So, going to college going to university and going through the education route to get a career was my egg in the basket. And I mean, I don’t know. It’s hard. It’s like as the middle class disappears, it’s like did I make the right decision, did I not? Um, I got to meet people from all over the world. And you know, I got to meet a roommate from Taiwan and that inspired me to go to Taiwan. And I love traveling and that fulfills me and I got to do like artsy stuff and creative stuff. And you know and it’s hard because there are certain jobs that, you know, don’t pay well, but you still can’t get them unless you have a bachelor’s degree. But then there’s other jobs that pay really well and all you need is a high school diploma and it’s just it’s like it’s a crapshoot and I hate to say that but that’s what the United States has become is just one giant crapshoot of, like, I, you know like, if you come from poverty or issues, it’s, you know, throw a dart and hope it works, you know.

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