“The need with dogs, their need feels always more to me.”

“Do I like dogs or cats better?”

You know, I actually don’t technically prefer one over the other. I have both at home. And I like both for their own reasons. Um, my dogs are great in that they are insanely good at, you know, to some extent, at pushing me, at keeping me going when I don’t want to. My dogs, I find, are really, really good at that. Because the other — their need is just so in my face and insistent and we have go O U T S I D E. Which I have to spell because they are behind me and they would go nuts if they heard that word and it is thunderstorming. We’re not playing that game. And then cats, you know, I like the whole soft and purring thing and, like the dogs, they’re just so, so silly to watch. Which makes a big difference too. But yeah, then the need with dogs, their need feels always more to me. And I like that they can go places with me because it’s really hard to do that by myself sometimes.

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