“The second hit was getting a phone call that night…”

I can say one of the biggest breaches I’ve had, of trust – I’ll try to make the story pretty short, which I know is usually what someone says before they tell a long story. But in seventh grade, I was dating somebody, in 1997. And it was my first real relationship, if you want to call like a middle school relationship a real relationship, and I will. And, I thought things were going pretty great. And the last day of school, I was invited to like this party over at a friend’s house at the end of the half day. And it’s pretty unusual for me because I didn’t usually go to people’s houses, I just was not very social like that. And so yeah, me and probably 10 or 12 other classmates went to this friend’s house and we watched The Wizard of Oz in the basement with the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon soundtrack on in the background because 1997 was around the time where people my age heard about this notion that you could play The Dark Side of the Moon with the Wizard of Oz and the lyrics would intertwine with what was happening on screen.

But anyway, I watched that, and I sat with my girlfriend. She may have like sat on my lap and we made out. Like that whole, like, middle school thing that tends to happen and I was just having a great day and I went out and I played in the pool with my friend and we – there was a basketball hoop in the pool and we shot hoops together and everything. And, you know, eventually I got a ride home from another parent. And I got grounded because I never told my mom where I was going and since it was so unusual for me to have a social life, she was very worried. But anyway, the first hit was being grounded by my mom, which is the last time I was ever grounded for something. The second hit was getting a phone call that night and finding out that my girlfriend had actually begun dating somebody else before that day, but just didn’t have the heart to tell me that she wanted to break up yet. And, as it turns out, the person she had begun dating already was the person I was playing swimming pool basketball with at – like just a few hours earlier, where everything seemed fine and normal. And so yeah, it was a pretty twisted – uh, what do you want to call it? Just it was pretty convoluted, I guess.

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