“I was able to make my first cup of chamomile tea that was tea from the chamomile that I grew, and harvested, and dried.”

It’s so easy to get caught up in technology and — nowadays, and social media, and it’s just like a — feels like a brain drain and I feel so much better when I put in effort and I go out into nature. And it’s worth it to hike a little bit or to, you know, feel too hot or too cold outside or, you know, maybe there’s too many bugs or something. You know, it’s just — it’s worth it to feel — to get away from technology and to feel, like, connected again. Unburdened. 

It’s worth it to garden. It takes a long time. It is difficult, it take lots of patience. But getting your own, you know, food and produce — like I just got my first, um, it’s called a white… dwarf… cucumber? White… I don’t remember. But they’re like weird and then, but they’re cucumbers still and it’s — it’s fun. You know, I’ve been harvesting — I just harvested all my chamomile and dried that and I was able to make my first cup of chamomile tea that was tea from the chamomile that I grew and harvested and dried. And it’s worth it to say that I did that, and look, I’m making tea out of something that I did. Like peppermint. Like I grow lots of, lots of peppermint. So I’ve got peppermint up the wazoo and I make tea with it all the time, make honey tea with it all the time. It’s worth it to say “Look what I did.” So, I don’t know. It’s just there’s a lot of things that are not easy, that are difficult to do, um, that’s worth it that doesn’t seem worth it.

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