“I was holding my breath the whole time for like 20 seconds.”

My favorite thing — well, I went to Michigan’s Adventure with my friend again — the same one I went to fair with — but there was like water slides there and it was just like really fun ‘cuz the water slides were like honestly scary, but most of them were fun.

I like the black ones where you can’t see anything and there’s like a drop and you’re on a tube in it. Those are my favorite and I hated the ones that we went on. It was almost like a drop-slide thing or the platform goes under beneath you but you start out like a slide. So the platform doesn’t drop beneath you but you just like sit down and it’s super steep and water kept spraying my face. 

So I was like I couldn’t breathe. So I was holding my breath the whole time for like 20 seconds. And that’s like the max I could hold my breath for I can’t hold my breath for very long, but whatever. And then so I had like a terrible headache after because I held my breath for like way too long. So, that was the time I was at the water park.

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