“We spent a couple days in Tokushima.”

Yeah, my aunt picked us up at the terminal and we went to, we drove to Tokushima, which is where she lives, which is where my family grew up and, yeah, and then we spent a couple days in Tokushima. We went shopping. I love shopping. I really love shopping, especially in Japan and Korea, like they have really good stuff. But yeah, we went shopping, we — last year, we went to the zoo, this year I think we maybe just went shopping. I don’t know. It’s been a month. Um, yeah. And then after that, my aunt drove us to this island in Japan — like there’s a bridge, so we could, you know go on it. Um, and then, yeah, it’s this little island. I forget what it’s called. But if somebody said it, I would, I would know.

And then she dropped us off at this hotel. And then we went fishing, and then some other Japanese friends that we know from America met us at the hotel. They checked into their room. We checked into our room. It was, it was fine. And then we went fishing. And then later that night, we ate the fish that we, we cooked. Like the hotel, they take the fish that we cook and, um, cooks ’em. We take — they take the fish that we caught and cooked them. Yeah, that’s a mouthful. 

Um, and, yeah, that dinner was very interesting. They gave us a lot of weird stuff including tomato jelly, which is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted. I almost threw up. I do not recommend it, zero out of ten. Okay, and then after that, we took a bus to, to the bus terminal, we took a shuttle to the bus terminal, which is where we kind of parted ways. Because the friends went to Osaka and we went somewhere else. We went past Osaka to another town. I’m trying to remember… We took the Shinkansen to… yeah, to a hotel.

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