“It was just like the perfect day. I was able to practice yoga again.”

Um, but a moment I had recently that I felt like I was totally present, which I hadn’t felt in quite a long time because of all those things — Um, the yoga studio that I practiced at, it’s a hot yoga studio. And so, because I’m pregnant, I can’t practice in the heat. I was told by my doctor that that was not a smart choice. So I haven’t really been going, and it’s definitely an outlet. So I kind of also lost that, I guess, on top of all the changes this summer and was just having a hard time finding like a physical outlet. But they were hosting an outdoor class at a non-profit that had a really big farm. And so it was just like the perfect day, I was able to practice yoga again.

I was with a friend of mine, we were under this beautiful tree, surrounded by these beautiful gardens. Before the actual yoga session, I had kinda been starting to not feel that well. I had a headache and was feeling a little nauseous. And my friend and I — she actually works at this nonprofit. She showed me all around the gardens and explained different planting techniques and just different things that she does there, and it was just so cool. And I felt like the stress, I don’t know, it helped kind of melt away the stress. I felt like my headache went away and then we got to practice yoga, there was a gentle breeze, it was just really wonderful and I felt very present in that moment, um, and really grateful that I had that outlet and that opportunity to do that.

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