“She accidentally put on, like, a really spicy spice on it.”

What mistake did your parents make that you will tell the class about? I’ve not shared it yet. Um, so, my mom, she wrote when she was like making deviled eggs — it was for an Easter party. We were going to my grandpa’s house and she was making deviled eggs for the party because it was a food party, lots of good food. Um, otherwise it was, it was Thanksgiving. I’m not qu- — I think it was — no, it was definitely Easter.

But, um, she wrote about when she was making deviled eggs, she was like making it, you know, put the seasoning on top. And then, um, she like tested one to make sure it was okay and like, you know. And she accidentally put on like a really spicy spice on it like, like flamin’ hot, like, jalapeño instead of the other one that would just add a little flavor. So she had to like, scrape the whole top layer off and like, had to like, make it look like it was fine and then add the right seasoning. But there were still a few flakes left, so afterwards she was like, she was like trying not to b- — d- — ugh, trying not to make a big deal out of it, but yet, like, warning everyone, like, “If you — if it’s a little spicier than what you’re used to, like, it’s because I did this.”

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