“There were like, six people who were all dressed to the nines in their pirate garb.”

I had my pirate party at work, and had some really good feedback from some of the participants that came to it. We had some pirate re-enactors that came. I think there were like six, uh, people who were all dressed, like, to the nines in their, in their pirate garb and were putting on the persona of, of being a pirate, which was really fun for the kids. They brought all kinds of props and displays and had all kinds of information about pirateers and all kinds of stuff that I know absolutely nothing about.

Uh, and then we also have the Swordsman’s Guild, which who knew that that was even a thing. They came and did some sword, sword demonstration — sword fighting demonstrations. They actually have a studio, uh, where they teach historical sword fighting. So its c- — it’s like — the initials are HEMA, H E M A, but I can’t remember — Historical European Martial Arts, could that be it? That’s probably not right. I really am not sure.

But the guy who runs and owns this place is a professor at Wayne State, I think he said, and, um, Rochester, maybe? I don’t remember. He’s, he’s a professor at a couple, couple colleges in the area and his, his focus is history. So these — the sword fighting that he does is all very historical. Like I think he said that these — like what they were teaching these kids, um, on Saturday was like, 17th century sword fighting techniques or something. I, I don’t know. I mean, I, I probably should have paid a little bit more attention and, and learned a little bit more than, than I actually did but I — it’s just really not my thing, but, but fascinating.

The kids absolutely loved it. They, they did really, you know, really cool things. They all got a pirate hat and a certificate saying that they had completed the — so they, they watched a demonstration and then they actually got to attend like a 10 minute “class,” I’ll say, quote unquote “class,” about how to do it and he had them use, uh, those like pool noodle type swords, um, and man, they just absolutely loved it. There were, there were several that just kept coming back, and they wanted to do it again and again and again because they just thought it was so fun. And it was a beautiful day so they got to be outside, which was great.

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