“He won by literally one point every time…”

I had a bunch of tennis things, like, I had a week of five hours a day, which was super cool because I made a lot of new friends. Well, one. He plays tennis and we played against each other the first time at like the third day. And yeah, we, we were like at the same exact level which was really cool because I hadn’t met anyone like my age — ‘cause most of them are about in high school and they don’t want to play with me because like they think I’m bad. But I can beat — I beat a 10th grader at camp so I mean, come on, give me a chance, you know? So it was super cool that I found someone my age — I’m, uh, 13 days older than him, anyways — that is actually my level.

So like the first time we played each other. I won by one point and then we played two other time — three other times and he won by literally one point every time, and I was so mad because it was the end of the week and I couldn’t play him again. So next year, um, we’re gonna try to get into the same group and, um, like try to do it and play each other again to see who’s gotten better or who just has, has just gotten worse, which it’s — I think it’s gonna be really cool, but I have a feeling I might be the one getting worse because he’s in eighth grade, so then in ninth grade he’s gonna have way more experience because he’s gonna be — like yeah, I’m in seventh and he’s in eighth right now. So he’s gonna have high school and they do a lot more tennis in high school.

But he lives in [City], so I don’t know about there. But here we just like do a lot more tennis in high school. But yeah. I still think we’re still gonna be like really close in levels which is super cool.

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