“Eight billion people on the planet, and we are nowhere near anyone.”

I — my — one of my best friends and I decided that we were just gonna go camping and we did. We found — I, I don’t know where she got the tent. I don’t know if — she’s not a real camper either. So maybe she borrowed it from somebody or — I, I really am not sure where the tent came from. But we borrowed a tent and sleeping bags and the whole getup. And this was in Oregon. And I really — I, I remember camping beside this river, and it was gorgeous, and we were like the only ones around, and I remember saying to her, “Eight billion people” — or whatever it was at the time, six billion, seven billion people — “on the planet and we are nowhere near anyone.” And it was just very peaceful and very nice.
Um, but we had slept on the hard ground, and I probably had not — you know, didn’t feel like I had, had bathed properly and there, there was probably sand all over everything and, and all these things that I don’t really like about camping. But, um, but I do remember that moment of, of being alone by this river and just thinking about how amazing it is that there are so many people on this planet and there’s so many times when you’re surrounded by so many people, and yet there we were. It was just really cool.

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