“it’s, I think, the first bridal shower I’ve been to where I actually really don’t know the bride”

So I just got back from a, uh, bridal shower and it’s I think the first bridal shower I’ve been to where I actually really don’t know the bride, like at all, not really. And so the second that I even walked in she like, you know, she said my name, acknowledged my existence, and then she just said, “[name] is over there.” And so the person hosting the party and organizing it, her new mother-in-law, that’s who I know better and hang out with and are friends with so — But I, I wouldn’t mind getting to know the bride more, you know. Like, and I assume that as long as I live here and as long as I’m friends with her mother-in-law and like — I really like her son, um, the um, like the bride’s son. They already had a kid together. They’re — they’re just kind of making it right, you know, by getting married and everything — making it official — officially a family and everything like that, so, um. Anyway, so I mean, I gave her a hug and I was just like, “Oh, yeah, like, you know I’m at you’re bridal shower.” But we both kind of knew, we’re like, eh, we don’t — we like don’t know each other that well, but you know, I definitely went around and tried to get to know her family my friend’s family and stuff. So all of her, you know aunts and uncles and grandmas and stuff like that — I guess it was, it was just women so just aunts and grandmas. So it was really nice and fun.

I mean, it was pretty like –I think as fun as it could be with half the room not knowing each other, you know, um which I guess this is a much more stark divide. Once I got a chance to kind of get to know everybody and know the layout of the room, I realized, “Oh, wow,” like there was — the room naturally divided into two areas that you could sit two — you know, the dining room area and then the kitchen area — or the um, uh living room area. So, open concept but still there’s two, you know circles of sitting and I very quickly realize that all of the people in one circle, like all was the bride’s side and everybody else in the other circle was the groom’s side — or you can — like the mother-in-law’s side. So I kind of wish that we had and an – interestingly enough, that all the games kind of centered around the bride, but everybody who won every single game was on the groom’s side, so, um, it was pretty wild honestly. It was kind of interesting, like every time they announced the winner, it was like “Oop, that’s, uh, that’s in our circle,” you know. So I was the only person on the groom circle who didn’t win something actually, so that was that. I was like “Do we have one more game?” and they were like “No.” And I’m like, “Oh dang it!” I’m the only person on this half of the entire building that like did not win and did not have a pink bag that won something. I don’t need the thing. If anything I kind of want less stuff in general, but — so it was, it was good. Yeah, I hope my, I hope my friend putting it on, I hope that she felt satisfied. You know, I hope that she felt like it was the standard — I hope it was everything she dreamed about. You know, that’s kind of what I wanted more than anything. I was like, I hope my friend who spent all this time and money and planning and these games and I just hope that like she walked away being like really happy with the — the memory she made.

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