“So I always joke that she’s the one that got away, because it was always like, the right person, wrong time.”

When I was in high school, I had a boyfriend, but I also was developing a crush on another — on one of my friends, and she had a crush on me back. And you know, it was kind of like, wrong place, wrong time. So, I was already in a relationship and I really liked her. And we got along, like, really great. And my boyfriend was a senior and he was gonna graduate soon. I didn’t know what was gonna happen after that. Turns out we were gonna break up. Um, he was gonna break up with me, devastate me, which happened. First love is always like that. But um, you know, honestly I was thinking at the time, “I still want to be in this relationship, but this other thing seems worth pursuing. Maybe it just needs time. Maybe, you know, she could wait for me.”

And so we kind of just stayed friends. And we didn’t have classes with each other the next semester, um, or even the one after that when I came back as a sophomore. And you know, we were already out of the relationship, me and my ex-boyfriend. And so we really didn’t see each other that much and that was fine. But by the time we did start seeing each other again, you know, it was kind of like that spark was immediately back. But then she was in a relationship. You know, she had a boyfriend at the time. So it was funny. And then she had that same boyfriend until they — until she graduated–until we both graduated, because we’re the same year. We had so much in common, and we really got along, and there was that spark, you know, you feel that spark with some people sometimes. And um, so I always joke that she’s the one that got away, because it was always like, the right person, wrong time. And like even now, she’s married to this woman who looks a lot like me. And even like, half Mexican, like — And uh, I, I joke all the time, like, you know, I, I was the one who got away for her, too. But it’s funny.

I wonder where life would have taken us if maybe we were — we did get together at one point. 

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