“I love Captain Sundae.”

You know what I do love, though? I love Captain Sundae which is a restaurant we have in Michigan. I always — every single time, time I go I get, uh — it’s an M&M and Oreo flurry. So it’s vanilla ice cream with M&Ms and Oreos mixed in and it is so good. It doesn’t really smell like anything. It kinda smells — you know, like when you open the refrigerator and then you like breathe in and it’s like really cold smelling and there’s just that weird smell and like makes your nose cold. That’s kind of what it smells like if that makes sense. And it kinda — it really just tastes like vanilla ice cream with Oreos and M&Ms cause, you know, that’s what it is. And then it just looks like vanilla ice cream and chopped up M&Ms and then some chopped up Oreos in it. And then the M&M’s skin of — skin, um — the outer layer — the shell of the M&M makes like the color, the color swirls in it when you mix it around, um and that’s kind of what it looks like.

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