“This popcorn looked relatively inconspicuous until I started eating it.”

“This one’s not as fun, but a couple times, um, my sister — my sister loves salt and vinegar things. Um, and so, like, everything, like all the snacks that she likes are salt and vinegar, and she — one time we went to the store. I don’t know if anyone is from the Lansing area um has been to Horrock’s in, uh, in Delta Township, but uh they have popcorn that — like, they have a whole popcorn section and they have a lot of different types of popcorn and my sister was tasked with getting it — wasn’t — my mom — she asked if she could get popcorn, she’s like, “Yeah, go pick one out.” And just like, didn’t say anything, um, didn’t really talk about which one she grabbed.

It just looked like normal popcorn and I went and started eating it, and one, one fact about me, I hate salt and vinegar, like I’m not — too, it’s, yeah, it’s a lot for me, so I don’t like it. And so this popcorn looked relatively inconspicuous until I started eating it and realized it was salt and vinegar, and she had decided — and she’s the only — also keep in mind, she’s the only person in my family who likes salt and vinegar, so she picked an entire huge bag of popcorn just for herself instead of like sharing it with people, which is fine, whatever, but didn’t tell anyone that it was salt and vinegar.”

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