“And she went ballistic and she emailed me and emailed my boss.”

Um, and then one of this, one of the — I’m supposed to work with, um different departments. And so this one lady, she’s a guidance counselor. She’s, like, the lead guidance counselor, and she just has, like, an aggressive, I want what I want attitude. And you know, if you like — long story short, she um, messaged me and she put in some incorrect dates, which is understandable. But the same time, she also copies my supervisor, so, I sent her a nice message but factual, um, “it’s actually these dates”, you know, “if you’re going to add dates, please add the correct dates.” And she went ballistic and she emailed me and emailed my boss and I’m pretty sure she’ll email the superintendent. And, it’s just, what? What? A, just, stick of dynamite, like, you know, it’s just — it’s difficult cause like, certain people get into leadership positions, and they just want to explode on other people if you — you know, if they say jump and you don’t say how high. So it’s like yes, I’m trying to get her stuff, but I’m also doing 500 more students than I did last year, and I’m trying to cram it into 40 hours and not work over 40 because I won’t get paid. So it is what it is, and I’m sure that she’s upset about it, but she’s gonna have to be upset about it.

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