“How is this supposed to help me get practice for playing goalie?”

I am going to be talking about what has happened today, um, during my soccer practice. So in a different diary, I have said some things about my soccer team. And today, something kind of silly happened. So, um, we were doing a scrimmage — and if you don’t know what that is, it means like a non-real game. It’s just where your team gets split up into two. And I was playing goalie for my side. And what happened was the, the, um — well, my teammates were keeping up the ball — the ball up the field, I mean, so much that the ball only came to me once. Like literally only once, like it never came up to me. And I’m like, “Uh, the ball’s not coming to me.” In my mind I was thinking, “How is this supposed to help me get practice for playing goalie?”

And then we were — and then we had like a real-ish scrimmage, I guess, against the girls’ team that play in the field right next to us. Well, it’s, it’s technically the same field but in a different soccer box, I guess, since there are the sidelines in — behind the goalie b- box. So it’s kind of like a rectangle. Let’s say the other rectangle. And they play there and sometimes we scrimmage them. And the thing is me — I, I think most people on my team were like dying to play some soccer because, um, last week one of our practices was canceled and we only have two practices every week. Plus our game was canceled, so I didn’t get to play as goalie last week, but now I think I am.

Um, and it was pretty funny. But in the girls’ scrimmage the ball did come to me a bit more. One time, my friend, who is on my team, was playing defense — or when I was playing goalie, they were playing defense. And someone was running up on the other team with the ball. This wasn’t the — our scrimmage, it was the game against the girls. It was only like 20 minutes long. And they were right at the goal. But — and they were on the left side and I didn’t know where my left defender was. So I tried to — so I grabbed the ball, but then I didn’t know where my left defender was. But then the right defender just ran up. Right when they were about to shoot it in, they were there. And somehow it ended up behind the goalie box, so they kind of saved it. And I asked my friend a bit later why he wasn’t there and I guess he, he s- said he was in the center. I don’t really know what he means by that. Maybe stuck in a crowd? Which probably isn’t likely since it’s soccer, that’s not really gonna happen, because — I’m not very young, so people don’t crowd over the ball anymore. And, it was kind of a silly game of soccer.

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