“I was so angry. It was nothing like chocolate bread.” 

“Tell us about a time you thought you saw one thing, but it turned out to be something else.” Okay. Okay, it’s food too for me. Okay, so I was at my Uncle’s funeral. And at the church, like under- underneath it — no, it wasn’t underneath the church, must have been next to the church. So, there was the banquet hall basically like, where all the food was set up. And there was this bread that it — I was like, “Holy s***! Chocolate bread? They make chocolate bread? I have never even dreamed about this before, like, this is amazing! Chocolate bread!” And so I got a few pieces, you know, and I sat down and I started eating this chocolate bread. I thought it was chocolate bread. I had never heard of anything called pumpernickel bread. It was so disgusting. I hated it. I was so angry. It was nothing like chocolate bread. I was just very upset. And ever since then, up until I, I was like in my 20s basically, I refused to eat pumpernickel bread because of it. Turns out, pumpernickel bread’s pretty good, but because of that experience I was like, “I don’t want it. Bad…feelings,” you know what I mean?

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