“Now I have two phones and everyone thinks I’m a drug dealer.”

Okay, so you know those TracFones? So we saw one in Meijer and it was three dollars and I had my wallet on me. So obviously, like any normal human being, I thought that this was fake, but I needed to know. So I bought the TracFone, and now I have two phones and everyone thinks I’m a drug dealer.

“What have you been doing with your new phone that you bought yourself?”

Oh, I’ve been tormenting everyone. I joined all of my like — all the social groups that I had on my phone phone, like my usual phone. So like, school Discord things and stuff, and gone under the name of either [fake name] or [fake name] and I’ll just — I, I just caused chaos with the presence of a new person nobody knows. You know, it’s fun.

“Have you told any of your friends what you’re doing?”

Um, no, but there is one girl who’s kinda my friend at my current school who I told I have a TracFone, and she’s the daughter of the principal and she was like, “Oh my gosh. Drug dealer.” So yeah.

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