“But seriously, some of the things that I write come true.”

Literally my entire life, like, everything, is straight out of a movie. I mean, so that’s kind of reminding me — I was thinking about writing this little play called “Prophetic Poems” that’s about a bunch of poems and songs that I wrote that came true. So obviously the thing — it will be a little bit of a stretch of the truth, because I have to make it more interesting. But seriously, some of the things that I write come true. Like I wrote this song called “Just Right Now” for another musical that I was writing with my friend called “Shattered,” basically about a princess and an orphan. But anyways, the premise of the song is that we have a princess, and we have a maid. And the princess is kind of like mean and spoiled and she doesn’t like see things that are right in front of her, and the like castle servant is in love with the princess, and she’s trying to help her and be her friend. And as the princess gets forced to leave the castle, she finds out — It’s like, she discovers, “Oh wait, I’ve been a terrible person and I’m actually in love with this maid,” so they like sing a song about it, and then they leave and they like tell each other through letters. 

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