“Just sitting down under a tree, having the time to talk, was so good.”

So one other prompt was, Has there ever been a moment where you thought, ‘This feels straight out of a movie!’ And honestly, recently, I went with a friend to a park and it was still, like, Octo- — no, November. Wait, it’s already been a month. It was October 27th. And it was so — the scenery is so pretty there. Like, the trees are tall, and you can see sunlight seeping through the leaves. I honestly had a main character moment. I’m like, “Am I the main character?” But honestly, that’s not gonna happen. It just felt nice just because it’s so pretty there. So that felt like it was straight out of, out of a movie. And then we just sat under a tree and talked, and honestly being a student in the IB Program is kind of difficult, and we’re always just doing work all the time, or extracurriculars on the side. I have way too much. So my whole life just revolves around extracurriculars and schoolwork now. So just sitting down under a tree, having the time to talk was so good. Good for me emotionally, good for my mental health.

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