“He’s not a class clown, but that was just his go-to song, was the Burger King jingle.”

This past week, as a side note, one of my fifth grade students — we’re, we’re writing opinion essays, and for the first time all year, I gave my students permission to listen to music — school-appropriate music — quietly as they worked. And it’s a win-win because it, it locks them in. A lot of times they focus harder. They go into their own little zone and then I win because they’re quieter as a collective and it allows me to work with writers one-on-one a lot easier, you know, without feeling like I’m distracted by others and whatever. But when we, when we got to work, I was helping a student and then suddenly I began hearing, like, — how’s it go, “Whopper Whopper Whopper Whopper.” It was the, the Burger King jingle, and I looked across the table and I saw one of my fifth graders, like, bobbing his head with his headphones on who clearly had not realized that his music was playing through his actual computer speakers and not his headphones. And I kinda just stared at him for a moment, as did his classmates, and once he realized what was happening he, he blushed hard. He turned, he turned a deep red and he realized his headphones had not been plugged in. But he owned it, and it turns out he was — his musical choice was listening to an hour loop of the Burger King jingle, I think unironically ’cause he — he was planning on doing it privately, and he’s not much of a, a ham. He’s not a class clown, but that was just his go-to song, was the Burger King jingle.

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